HL Deb 28 February 1911 vol 7 cc211-2

My Lords, I rise to ask the Under-Secretary of State for War—

  1. 1. The number of Infantry Special Reservists attending the Manoeuvres in 1910.
  2. 2. The number of Infantry Special Reservists who joined the Second Division for the last Autumn Manoeuvres, but were returned as unfit before the termination of the Manoeuvres.
  3. 3. The number of Infantry Special Reservists in the Second Division who fell out on the line of march during the Manoeuvres, thereby becoming ineffective with their battalions for the time being, but afterwards rejoining. Has the 212 record of such men been kept in accordance with Chapter III, para. 24, subsection 4, of Field Service Regulations, Part I, Operations 1909.
  4. 4. The distance marched at the recent Army Manoeuvres by the South Midland Territorial Brigade on the following days:—Wednesday, 21st September; Thursday, 22nd September; Friday, 23rd September.


My Lords, the answer to the first question is 4,073. As to the second question re the wastage in the Infantry Special Reserve of the Red Force during the manoeuvres—that is to say, the men who fell out and who did not rejoin the ranks—the answer is 249. As to the number of cases of Infantry Special Reservists who fell out on the line of march during the manoeuvres, but afterwards rejoined, the answer is 440, but in some cases the same men fell out on more than one day and are therefore shown more than once in the returns. In reply to the second part of the third question the subsection to which the noble Duke refers states that an officer when available shall march in the rear to see that no man quits the ranks without permission. No mention is made in the paragraph of any record having to be kept, and no record has been kept. The answer to the fourth question is that on the 21st of September the South Midland Territorial Brigade were holding the line of the Avon instead of the Cavalry; on the 22nd they held the bridge for a number of hours, and then marched a considerable distance; and on the 23rd the Brigade was heavily engaged throughout the day at Chisenbury Camp.

House adjourned at twenty minutes before Eight o'clock, till Tomorrow, a quarter past Four o'clock.