HL Deb 18 March 1898 vol 55 c228

My Lords, I beg to move for a return of the students trained either at day colleges, or as "university students" in residential colleges; and the names of the public elementary schools in which they are now serving. I intend when the return is presented to call your Lordships' attention to a report from the Education Department upon the subject of the pupil-teacher system. It is a report of considerable importance, and one which I doubt very much if your Lordships have seen, as I understand it has not been circulated. I shall also call attention, to the new annual education code, which I fancy many of your Lordships are not aware has become law, by lying in "dummy" for 30 days on your Lordships' table—a rather dangerous process of legislation. This Motion is merely for statistics, which I hope to get at an early date, so that I can call attention to these matters.


My Lords, we are quite ready to grant this return, but I would suggest that the noble Lord should alter his Motion, and make it read as follows— To move for a return of the number of students trained year by year, either at day training colleges or as 'university students' in residential training colleges; and the numbers now serving in public elementary schools or training colleges. If the names are given, it will make the return very voluminous, and I have no doubt that the numbers will answer the noble Lord's purpose.


I entirely agree to the alteration which the noble Duke has made in my Motion, and I now move it as modified.

Question put.

Motion agreed to.

House adjourned at 4.40.