HL Deb 29 June 1896 vol 42 c235

No marriage heretofore or hereafter contracted within the realm or without, other than a marriage hereafter contracted in England by solemnization thereof, by a clergyman of the Established Church of England, shall be deemed to have been or shall be void or voidable by reason only of having been or being contracted between a man and his deceased wife's sister, notwithstanding any statute, canonical or other objection, unless it has been already annulled in a suit already instituted, or unless either party thereto has (after the marriage and during the life of the other) already lawfully married another; and such evidence as would he proof of any other marriage shall be received for all purposes as evidence of such marriages respectively; but no right, title, estate, or interest now existing in, to, or in respect of any dignity, title of honour, or property, and no claim by the Crown for duties leviable on or with reference to death, and already due and payable, and no payment of or discharge for such duties already duly made or given, shall be prejudicially affected hereby.

Clause agreed to without Amendment.

Clause 2,—