HL Deb 16 February 1894 vol 21 c569

My Lords, I desire to ask the noble Marquess opposite a question of which I have given him private notice. Some of your Lordships may remember that not long ago I asked a question with regard to a Commission which he had appointed, consisting of the Chief Justices of Nova Scotia and British Guiana, to inquire into grave charges which had been made against the Attorney General of Jamaica. I then expressed my entire concurrence in the steps the noble Marquess had taken, and I have now seen a copy of the Jamaica official Gazette, containing a full account of the sitting of that Commission, the evidence taken before them, and their Report. It is gratifying to find that both Commissioners concur in entirely acquitting the Attorney General of the charges brought against him. I should he glad to know if the noble Marquess can tell me whether the Department concurs in that view, that Mr. Hocking stands entirely acquitted of those charges; and I would also ask him whether he would lay on the Table a copy of the Jamaica official Gazette, not that it should necessarily be reprinted, but in order that anyone who is interested in the matter may have the opportunity of seeing the Evidence and the Report of the Commissioners?


I am glad to say that, having very carefully considered the Report of the Judges, I concur in the conclusion at which they have arrived, that the Attorney General, Mr. Hocking, stands entirely acquitted of the charges brought against him. I shall be happy to lay a copy of the Papers upon the Table of the House.