HL Deb 26 May 1891 vol 353 c1057

My Lords, on the 11th May I gave notice that on the Motion for the passing of the Newfoundland Fisheries Bill I should move an Amendment that it be passed that day four weeks, which would have been the 8th June. I believe a little delay would be extremely useful, and although, from my deafness, I was not able to hear when the question was put, yet if I had been both deaf and dumb, somebody should have been deputed to watch how the business of the House was going on. It is objected that we ought not to be in the position of waiting for the passing of a Bill in the colonies, but it is not, I think, beyond the pale of the Constitution to say that if Her Majesty chooses to withhold her Royal Assent until a Bill passes in the Legislature of Newfoundland, it would be more likely to produce peace than any hasty measure that could possibly be passed.