HL Deb 11 August 1890 vol 348 c464

Order of the Day for the Second Reading, read.


This is a measure dealing with the distribution of any Customs and Excise Duties, and it will be received with considerable satisfaction by the County Councils. As I do not suppose it will give rise to any prolonged discussion in this House, I think a very few words only will be necessary to explain its provisions. In the first place, it provides that a sum of £300,000 shall be allotted for the purpose of police superannuation in England, of which £150,000 will be handed over to the Metropolitan Police, and the remainder to the County Police Forces; and that the residue shall, for the present, be distributed between the County and the County Borough Funds, and carried to the Exchequer contribution accounts of the different Councils. It gives power to these Councils to use this residue, or any portion of it, for the purpose of technical education in their respective districts. A Council may either contribute directly, or else it may give sums of money towards that object to Town Councils or Urban Authorities for them to deal with. These contributions will be in addition to, or over and above, any sum which, under the Technical Education Act of 1889, the different Town Councils and similar Authorities are authorised to levy by rate. In Wales the County Councils will be able, if they choose, to use their portion of the sum for the purpose of intermediate and technical education. This measure also deals with the Scotch and Irish grants in aid; but I do not think I need say anything further with regard to them. I beg leave to move the Second Reading of this Bill.

Bill read 2a (according to order), and committed to a Committee of the whole House to-morrow.