HL Deb 01 August 1890 vol 347 cc1523-4

House in Committee (on Bo-commitment) (according to order).


It appears to be convenient that these Amendments which stand in my name which, though in appearance formidable, are really only drafting Amendments, should be inserted. The Bill underwent considerable changes in Committee, both in form and substance, and these Amendments are necessary in order to make the measure workable. I may say they have been agreed to in connection with the Amendments which were moved by my noble Friend the Marquess of Waterford in Standing Committee.


As Chairman of the Standing Committee, I may say that I have looked through the Amendments, and that they are quite in accordance with what has been stated by the noble Lord, that is to say, to carry out what was agreed between my noble Friend the Marquess of Water-ford and those who supported the Bill. I think, therefore, the House should agree to them.


There are two Amendments of which I am sorry I was unable to give notice on behalf of the Government. One is in Clause 7, page 3, line 6. I wish simply to amend the form of the Amendment of my noble Friend. He has used the words "the Act to regulate the sale of poisons in Ireland." Now, there is no such Act, and I propose to put in"33 & 34 Vict. cap. 26."It is really only a drafting Amendment. There is one more. It is to amend the words of Schedule C in which the form of statement appears, "I hereby declare that I have completed the full term of apprenticeship" to a registered druggist "who has been duly registered," and so on. I move after the word "been" to insert the words "or would have been entitled to be."

Amendment agreed to.

Report of Amendment to be received on Monday next; and Bill to be printed as amended. (No. 244.)