HL Deb 18 June 1888 vol 327 c383

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—North Sea Fisheries* (158); Limited Partnerships* (159); House of Lords (Life Peers)* (161); House of Lords (Discontinuance of Writs)* (162).

Second Reading—National Debt (Supplemental) (155).

Third Reading—Rochester Bishopric (98); Augmentation of Benefices Act Amendment (78), and passed.

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLS—Second Reading—Pier and Harbour* (135); Water* (137).

Committee—Elementary Education (Birmingham)* (101–160).

CommitteeReport—Local Government (Ireland) (Ballymoney, &c.)* (97); Metropolitan Police* (134).

Third Reading—Public Health (Scotland) (Denny and Dunipace Water)* (136), and passed.