HL Deb 31 July 1888 vol 329 c904

wished to be allowed to state that he had to-day laid upon the Table the Report of the Select Committee on the Standing Orders of the House of Lords. He had received some representations that perhaps it might not be convenient to take the consideration of this Report at the present period of the Session; but he believed there were a large number of Peers in town, and he thought that perhaps, on the whole, it would be for the convenience of the House that he should propose to consider this Report on Thursday week. If any objection to that course were urged between the present time and that day he would be happy to meet the convenience of the House on the matter.


inquired whether it was intended that the Resolutions proposed should become Standing Orders immediately?


explained that the form of the Report was a reprint of the Standing Orders, which would clearly set forth the excisions, the amendments, and the additions which had been made to the Standing Orders as they at present existed. He imagined the proper course of proceeding would be that he should ask the House to consider the Report, and then the House could either take the Standing Orders one by one or else take the Report and make such Amendments as might be agreeable to their Lordships.