HL Deb 20 December 1888 vol 332 cc852-3

said, that he would ask the Under Secretary of State for War a Question of which he had given him private Notice, with respect to the disarmament of the Hon. Artillery Company. Their Lordships had seen with regret that this disarmament had taken place, but beyond that very little was known. It was a subject that interested the country to some considerable extent, and any information would be desirable. Could the noble Lord inform their Lordships as to the causes which had led to the disarmament; as to the present condition of the corps; as to whether the corps were alive, dead, or in a condition of suspended animation; and as to whether any steps were likely to be taken in the matter?


In reply to my noble Friend, I have to state that the cause which led to the withdrawal of the guns, arms, and equipment of the Hon. Artillery Company was an official Report to the Se- cretory of State from the officer commanding the corps that it was in a most unsatisfactory state as regards discipline. Owing to this state of indiscipline, and to the resiguation of the Captain General, the commanding officer, and the adjutant, this corps cannot be recognized as a properly constituted military body, and the usual course has been adopted in withdrawing the arms and equipment, which are the property of the State. It is not the case that the Warrant has been withdrawn, and the Secretary of State hopes that the necessity for such a course will never arise in the case of a corps so ancient as the Hon. Artillery Company.