HL Deb 06 August 1888 vol 329 cc1679-81

First Election of County Conncillors.

Clause 103 (First election of county councillors).

Clause 104 (Retirement of first county councillors).

Clause 105 (Preliminary action of county councillors as provisional council).

Clause 106 (First proceedings of provisional council).

General Provision as to First Elections.

Clause 107 (Casual vacancies at first elections).

Clause 108 (Power of Local Government Board to remedy defects).

Appointed Day.

Clause 109 (Appointed day).

Transitional Proceedings.

Clause 110 (Current rates, jury lists, &c.).

Clause 111 (Transitory provisions as to lunatic asylums).

Clause 112. (Transitory provisions as to Contagious Diseases (Animals) Acts).

Transitory Provisions as to Metropolis.

Clause 113 (Transitory provisions as to sheriffs of London and Middlesex).

Clause 114 (As to existing coroners for Middlesex, Surrey, and Kent).

Clause 115 (As to commission of the peace for London).

Clause 116 (As to places for holding quarter sessions).

Clause 117 (As to existing justices in metropolis).

On the Motion of The Lord BALFOUR, Amendment made, in page 97, line 5, at end by adding as a new sub-section— (6.) Nothing in this Act shall affect existing deputy lieutenants appointed by the Constable of the Tower of London as Lord Lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Existing Officers.

Clause 118 (Existing clerks of the peace and other officers) agreed to.

Clause 119 (As to officers transferred to county council) agreed to.

Clause 120 (Compensation to existing officers).


said, he begged to move an Amendment to this clause, which he thought would prevent any injustice from occurring—

Amendment moved, At the end of sub-section (1.) insert ("except that in the case of a freehold office the officer holding any such office at the time of the passing of this Act shall be entitled to compensation calculated upon his salary and emoluments for the live years immediately preceding the passing of this Act").—(The Lord Herschell.)


thought that the words erred on the side of excess, as they might be held to mean that the compensation was to be the actual gross amount of the salary and emoluments. He would suggest that the noble and learned Lord might bring up amended words on the Report stage.

Amendment (by leave of the Committee) withdrawn.

Clause agreed to.

Remaining Clauses agreed to.

The Report of the Amendments to be received on Wednesday next; and Bill to be printed, as amended. (No. 267.)

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