HL Deb 06 August 1888 vol 329 cc1677-9

Application of Acts.

Clause 76 (Application of Municipal Corporations Act, 1882, to county councils and this Act) agreed to.

Clause 77 (Amendment of County Electors Act, 1988) agreed to.

Clause 78 (Residential qualifications of county electors in administrative county of London) agreed to.

Clause 79 (Construction of Acts referring to business transferred) agreed to.

Proceedings of Councils and Committees.

Clause 80 (Incorporation of county council) agreed to.

Clause 81 (Payments out of fund and finance committee of county council) agreed to.

Clause 82 (Appointment of joint committees).

On the Motion of The Lord BALFOUR, Amendment made, in page 72, line 10, by leaving out from ("counties and") to the end of the sub-section, and inserting— A standing joint committee may be appointed for two or more counties, and the members of such joint committee shall be appointed by the several quarter sessions and councils in such proportion and manner as they respectively may arrange, and in default of arrangement as may be directed by a Secretary of State.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 83 (Proceedings of committee) agreed to.


Clause 84 (Clerk of the peace and of county council) amended, and agreed to.

Clause 85 (Appointment of justices' clerks and clerks of committees) agreed to.

Clause 86 (Making of bye-laws as to tricycles) agreed to.

Clause 87 (Adaptation of Lunatic Asylum Acts).


urged that the auditors should be sufficient in number to discharge their duties within a reasonable period.


said, that the Act placed the auditors under the Local Government Board. He would, however, call attention to the point raised by the noble Lord.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 88 (Application of provisions of 38 & 39 Vict. c. 55, as to local inquiries and provisional order) agreed to.

Clause 89 (Adaptation of Act to metropolis) agreed to.

Clause 90 (Adjustment of law as regards courts, juries, sittings at nisi prius, and legal proceedings in Middlesex and London) agreed to.

Clause 91 (Special provisions as to adjustment in the metropolis) agreed to.

Clause 92 (Adjustment as regards the Militia Acts) agreed to.


Clause 93 (Saving for votes at any Parliamentary elections) agreed to.

Clause 94 (Saving for metropolitan and city police) agreed to.

Clause 95 (Saving for metropolitan common poor fund) agreed to.

Clause 96 (Saving as to Middlesex, Surrey, and Kent) agreed to.

On the Motion of The Lord FITZGERALD, the following new clause was inserted, after Clause 96:— Nothing in this Act shall alter the area to which the enactments relating to the registration of land in the county of Middlesex apply, and any reference in those enactments or in any deed, instrument, or document made or issued under or for the purpose of those enactments to the county of Middlesex shall be construed to apply to the same area to which it would have applied if this Act had not passed.

The following Clauses were agreed to, with Amendments:—

Clause 97 (Saving as to liability for main roads).

Clause 98 (Saving for powers of Commissioners of Inland Revenue and Customs).


Clause 99 (Definition of "written").

Clause 100 (Interpretation of certain terms in the Act).

Clause 101 (Extent of Act).

Clause 102 (Short title).

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