HL Deb 06 August 1888 vol 329 cc1674-5


Clause 51 (Boundary of county for first election) verbally amended, and agreed to.

Clause 52 (Directions for constitution of electoral divisions).

Amendment moved, In page 46, line 31, after Sub-section (4) insert, as a separate Sub-section—"In constituting electoral divisions care shall be taken so to adjust the boundaries that such divisions may admit of being easily converted into administrative areas for some of the purposes of local government."—(The Lord Turing).


said, the proposed sub-section was so vague that it would be of no practical value.

Amendment (by leave of the Committee) withdrawn.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 53 (Determination by first county council of positions of overlapping rural sanitary districts) struck out.

Clause 54 (Provisional Order as respects boroughs and urban sanitary districts in same area)agreed to.

Clause 55 (Consideration of alterations of boundaries by county councils) agreed to.

Clause 56 (Future alterations of boundaries of county and borough and of electoral division of a county) agreed to.

Clause 57 (Power to amalgamate two combined boroughs) agreed to.

Clause 58 (Future constitution of new boroughs) struck out.

On the Motion of Lord BALFOUR, the following clause was inserted:— When a petition is presented to Her Majesty the Queen by the inhabitant house holders of any town or towns or district in pursuance of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1882, for the grant of a charter of incorporation, notice of such petition shall be given to the county council of the county in which such town, towns, or district is or are situate, and shall also be sent to the Local Government Board, and the Privy Council shall consider any representations made by such county council or the Local Government Board, together with the petition of such charter.

Clause 58A (Future alteration of county districts and parishes and wards, and future establishment of urban districts) agreed to.

Clause 59 (Additional power of Local Government Board as to unions) agreed to.

Clause 60 (Supplemental provisions as to scheme or order) agreed to.

Clause 61 (General provision as to alteration of boundaries) agreed to.

Clause 62 (Appointment of Commissioners) agreed to.

Clause 63 (Adjustment of property and liabilities).

On the Motion of The Lord BALFOUR, Amendment made in page 55, line 18, at end, insert as a separate paragraph— An arbitrator appointed under this Act shall be deemed to be an arbitrator within the meaning of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, and the Acts amending the same, and the provisions of those Acts with respect to an arbitration shall apply accordingly; and, further, the arbitrator may state in a special case, and, notwithstanding anything in the said Act, shall determine the amount of the costs and shall have power to disallow as costs in the arbitration the costs of any witness whom he considers to have been called unnecessarily, and any other costs which he considers to have been incurred unnecessarily.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 64 (Arbitration by Local Government Board) agreed to.

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