HL Deb 19 August 1887 vol 319 c1092

(The Lord Privy Seal.)



Returned from the Commons with several of the amendments made by the Lords to the amendments made by the Commons, and of the consequential amendments made by the Lords to the Bill, agreed to; several other amendments made by the Lords agreed to, with amendments; and with a consequential amendment to the Bill; several other amendments disagreed to; and one amendment to which the Lords have disagreed insisted on, for which they assign reasons.

Commons amendments to Lords amendments to Commons amendments, Commons consequential amendment, and Commons reasons for disagreeing to certain of the Lords amendments and for insisting on one of their amendments, considered (on motion).


said, he did not think there would be any disposition on the part of their Lordships to discuss the few Amendments which remained to be dealt with, as their Lordships were probably aware that the other House had agreed to a great many, and the most important, of the Amendments made in this House. The House of Commons had disagreed with some Amendments; but it was his duty to move— That this House doth not insist on its Amendments with which the other House had not agreed, and agreed to the Amendments of the other House.

Motion agreed to.

Commons Amendments agreed to; and the Lords Amendments to which the Commons have disagreed not insisted on.