HL Deb 22 June 1886 vol 307 c166

PUBLIC BILLS—Second Reading—Peterhead Harbour of Refuge* (166); Intoxicating Liquors (Sale to Children) (176); Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)*; Public Works Loans* (188).

Second Reading discharged—Probation of First Offenders (51).

CommitteeParliamentary Elections (Returning Officers) Act (1875) Amendment * (162); Public Health Acts (Improvement Expenses) (143); Land Tax Commissioners' Names* (165); Returning Officers' Charges (Scotland* (173–195); Tithe Rent-Charge (Extraordinary) Redemption (174–193); Westminster Abbey Restoration (183); Shop Hours Regulation* (186–199).

Committee discharged—Merchant Shipping (Fishing Boats) Acts Amendment (184).

CommitteeReportThird Reading—Married Women (Maintenance in Case of Desertion) (164), and passed.

CommitteeReport—Customs* (175); Revising Barristers' Appointment* (179); Revising Barristers (Ireland)* (180); Metropolitan Board of Works (Money)* (181); Public Works Loans (Tramways Ireland) * (182).

Report—Medical Acts Amendment* (187).

Third Reading—Losses by Riot (Compensation)* (156); Terms of Removal (Scotland)* (157); Poor Law Loans and Relief (Scotland* (158–197); Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries* (159); Coal Mines* (160), and passed.

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLThird Reading—Police and Improvement (Scotland) (Leith)* (150), and passed.