HL Deb 15 May 1885 vol 298 c567

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Consolidated Fund (No. 3)*; Registration (Occupation Voters)* (111); Registration of Voters (Scotland)* (112); Registration of Voters (Ireland)* (116); East India Unclaimed Stocks* (113); Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders* (114); Secretary for Scotland (117); Local Authorities (Expenses of Conferences)* (118).

Second Heading—Metropolis (Hughes Fields, Deptford) Provisional Order Confirmation* (82); Metropolis (Tabard Street, Newington) Provisional Order Confirmation* (81); Parliamentary Elections (Redistribution) (109).

Committee—Barristers Admission (Ireland)* (100).

CommitteeReport—Oyster and Mussel Fisheries Provisional Order* (96); Metropolitan Streets Act (1867) Extension* (101).

Select Committee—Poor Law Guardians (Ireland)* (31); The Lord Inchiquin added in place of The Marquess of Waterford.

Third Reading—Highways* (98), and passed.