HL Deb 13 March 1885 vol 295 cc1054-5

asked Her Majesty's Government, Whether it is intended to renew diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Burmah? The noble Viscount said, he would only add a few words to express a hope that the Government were giving full consideration—which he had no reason to doubt—to the important subject of the relation of this country with Burmah. He would ask, further, whether the reports were correct as to the action of the Chinese in conjunction with the Burmese in restoring the authority of Burmah at Bhamo; and, also, whether it was true that Sir William Hewett had been ordered to go up the Irrawaddy? He thought he need hardly remind the noble Earl how important it was that this country should have a predominant position with respect either to a change of dynasty in Burmah or to the action of Foreign Powers.


said, that, as their Lordships would be aware, diplomatic relations with Burmah had been broken off in 1879. In 1882 an ineffectual attempt had been made to renew them. At the present time he would only state that the subject was engaging the most careful attention of the Viceroy. He was in communication with the Viceroy; but he was not in a position to say what the Viceroy might think it right to do in the matter. With regard to the other matter, he had no information whatever as to the report with reference to the action of the Burmese and Chinese at Bhamo. Neither had he heard anything as to any expedition of Sir William Hewett up the Irrawaddy.