HL Deb 24 July 1885 vol 299 c1758

Sat First in Parliament— The Earl of Aylesford, after the death of his brother.

PUBLIC BILLS—Second Heading—Polehampton Estates*(183);National Debt*; Parliamentary Elections (Corrupt Practices)*(199); School Boards*(200); Exchequer and Treasury Bills*; Greenwich Hospital*(201); Post Office Sites*(181); Public Health (Members and Officers)*(194).

CommitteeReport—Waterworks Clauses Act (1847) Amendment (127); Cholera Hospitals (Ireland) (182); Turnpike Acts Continuance*(174); Public Health (Ships, &c.)*(186); Artillery and Rifle Ranges *(193).

Report—Submarine Telegraph Cables (203).

Third Heading— Housing of the Working Classes (England) (196); Land Purchase (Ireland) (205), and passed.