HL Deb 20 February 1885 vol 294 cc903-4

, with reference to a Question which stood on the Paper in the name of Lord Oranmore and Browne—namely, To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether it is his intention to propose any such new rules relative to admission to the House of Lords as have been made by the Speaker of the House of Commons relative to that House? said, he understood that the Question was to be postponed. He hoped, however, that their Lordships would not think him wanting in respect for the noble Lord if he gave an answer at once in order to save time. It appeared that in that matter there was some confusion of authorities, of whom he (Earl Granville) was not one. The authorities were the Lord Chamberlain and the Black Rod, and the police could only act under their directions. If he were asked for advice upon the matter, he would say that the Committee on the Office of Black Rod should meet and consider the subject; and it was in order that that course might be taken without loss of time, if their Lordships agreed to it, that he had now anticipated the putting of the Question by the noble Lord.


said, perhaps the noble Earl, as Leader of the House, would make a Motion on the subject.


said, that the Committee were to meet on Tuesday, when they might take the matter into consideration.


said, that having been present at a meeting of the Committee of the Black Rod on Thursday, he knew there was only one piece of Business down on the Agenda Paper for the Committee on Tuesday; and it was desirable that the Committee should receive an intimation if any other matter was to be brought before them, as suggested by the noble Earl (Earl Granville).


promised that the requisite Notice should be given accordingly.