HL Deb 24 November 1884 vol 294 cc222-3

rose to move the following Resolutions:—

  1. "1. That in the event of two or more Lords rising to address the House at the same time, 223 the Lord Chancellor or Chairman of Committees, whichever then presides, shall call on one of them to speak, and the Lord so called upon shall speak, unless the House do order otherwise:
  2. "2. That Private Bill Committees shall consist of three, and that all applications to Lords to serve upon them shall Be in writing, and delivered at their residences:
  3. "3. That the House be lighted always at the commencement of Public Business and continue lighted until the adjournment, unless the Lord Chancellor or Chairman of Committees gives a different instruction:
  4. "4. That no Lord who has a Motion or Bill upon the Paper shall rise to bring it forward out of its precedence:
  5. "5. That where the House permits reply to any Lord upon his Motion or his Bill, the debate shall on no pretence be continued after the reply is over:
  6. "6. That a false roof be introduced, similar to that in the other House of Parliament, to correct the present difficulty as to hearing."


asked the noble Lord to consider whether it would be convenient for their Lordships to discuss the Resolutions in the unavoidable absence of the noble Earl the Chairman of Committees (the Earl of Redesdale). The Resolutions contained a great deal of debatable matter, with which, in some respects, the noble Earl was particularly conversant, and in regard to which he knew be desired an opportunity of expressing his opinion.


said, he was willing to accede to the suggestion of the noble and learned Lord. He had communicated with the noble Earl the chairman of Committees, and had no reason to suppose that he would be absent. He would postpone the Resolutions to a time when the House might hear the Chairman of Committees with regard to them.

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