HL Deb 04 May 1883 vol 278 cc1841-2

Order for the House to be put into Committee read.


asked for some explanation as to the object and scope of the measure.


My Lords, the object of this Bill is to enable further duties to be levied on vessels using the harbours of the Isle of Man. By the Isle of Man Harbours Act of 1872 full power was given to impose harbour dues on all vessels using the port; but as these tonnage dues would act as an import duty, and raise the cost of everything throughout the Island, and, at the same time, act prejudicially on vessels merely calling on their way across from Ireland, it has not been found desirable to impose duties in this form. About £300,000 has been spent in improving the harbours, and as further sums will have to be spent for the special purpose of improving the harbours for passenger steamers bringing tourists, it has been decided to obtain additional powers so as to place a tax of 1d. to 3d. on each passenger carried. As there are now about 120,000 persons visiting the Island in each year, it is intended, by means of a tax of 1d., to raise £1,000 a-year towards the repairs and the interest on the loans. This tax will practically be paid by the steam companies. The House of Keys has passed a strong resolution in favour of this Bill, and the feeling of the Island is strongly in favour of it.

House in Committee (according to order); Bill reported without amendment; and to be read 3ª on Monday next.