HL Deb 17 July 1883 vol 281 cc1652-3

asked, Whether the Lord President could now give the information asked for with regard to the class of inspectors appointed to supervise the loans made under the 31st Section of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881; whether their duties included the laying out of the proposed improvement for the tenant, and seeing if it would be of permanent advantage to the holding; and, whether any inspector or official had reported that the money advanced has not been laid out on the improvement for which the loan was sanctioned, but was spent by the tenant in purchasing stock?


My Lords, I think the information obtained from the Board of Works will enable me to answer the Question. With regard to the status and qualifications of the Inspectors, I am informed that they are all professional men—civil engineers, surveyors, and valuers—and are selected solely in regard to their fitness, experience, and ability. Their duties include the preparation of plans and estimates for the improvements for which the loans were to be advanced, as well as seeing that the improvements are properly carried out. It is their duty to keep a constant watch over what is going on, and, in case of an application on the part of a borrower for a second instalment, to make inquiries so as to prevent any illegalities, and to insure the proper outlay of the money. I am informed that a tenant, having received the first instalment, could not misapply the money without early detection; and, in that case, the money advanced would have to be refunded, either by the tenant or his securities. Not a single instance of the misapplication of the money advanced has come to the knowledge of the Commissioners.

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