HL Deb 16 February 1883 vol 276 c164

Before the House adjourns, I have to communicate to your Lordships a letter which I have received from Sir Beauchamp Seymour, now Lord Alcester, since your Lordships last sat, in reply to the Vote of Thanks, which, by your Lordships' commands, I had the honour of conveying to him. It is as follows:—

"H.M.S. Alexandria, at Malta, 16th of November.

"My Lord,—I have had the honour to receive your Lordship's letter communicating; to me the Resolutions passed by the House of Lords on the 26th of October, and conveying to me and to the Admirals, captains, officers petty and non-commissioned officers, seamen and marines, lately serving under my orders in Egypt, the expression of your Lord ships' approbation of them and thanks for our conduct during the campaign recently terminated. I have duly given full publicity to the same, and I beg to assure your Lordships that the honour done us by your Lordships is most highly appreciated by myself and all those under my command, and that it was with feelings of great pride that we received your Lordship's communication.

"I have the honour to be,

"My Lord Chancellor,

"Your Lordship's obedient servant,


The said letter was ordered to lie on the Table, and to be entered on the Journals.