HL Deb 30 March 1882 vol 268 cc272-3

Seeing my noble Friend the Secretary of State for the Colonies in his place, I wish to ask whether he has received any confirmation of the telegram which has appeared in the morning papers?


My Lords, in reply to the Question asked by my noble Friend opposite, I have to say that Her Majesty's Government have received intelligence on the subject. I will read a telegram received at the Colonial Office from Sir Hercules Robinson, dated the 28th of March. It is as follows:— The Premier announced last night in House Basuto policy determined on by Government. It is briefly this:—That there shall be no abandonment under any circumstances; that there shall be no renewal of the war, nor confiscation, except as a last resource; that the disarmament proclamation shall be forthwith repealed; and that a Commission shall be appointed to assess the injury done to loyals and traders, and to pay for it in money; that Commission will also inquire into and report on the advisability of establishing local self-government, and as to propriety of giving the people some measure of representation in Parliament. "With these concessions, and an efficient police, it is hoped disaffection may be subdued and law and order gradually re-established throughout the whole of Basutoland. I have to add that Her Majesty's Government have received with much satisfaction this intelligence, in the hope that it will put an end to the difficulties in that country.