HL Deb 19 June 1882 vol 270 c1545

Sat First in Parliament—The Lord Erskine, after the death of his father.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Local Government Provisional Order (No. 11)*(162); Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 5)*(153).

Second Heading— Election of Representative Peers (Ireland)*(137); Public Health (Fruit-Pickers' Lodgings)*(127); Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 3)*(122); Local Government Provisional Order (Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings)*(121); Tramways Provisional Orders*(125); Tramways Provisional Orders (No. 2)*(126); Intermediate Education (Ireland) (138); County Courts (Ireland) (105); Somersham Rectory (116).

Second ReadingReferred to Select CommitteeBills of Sale Act (1878) Amendment (60).

CommitteeReport—Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirmation (Finchley, &c.)*(63); Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders (No. 2)*(123).

Third Reading—Pluralities Acts Amendment*(139); Places of Worship Sites Amendment*(141), and passed.

Royal Assent—Documentary Evidence [45 Vict. c. 9]; Military Manoeuvres [45 Viet. c. 10]; Public Health (Scotland) Act Amendment [45 Vict. c. 11]; Militia Storehouses [45 Vict. c. 12]; Commonable Rights [45 Vict. c. 15]; Arklow Harbour [45 Vict. c. 13]; Metropolis Management and Building Acts (Amendment) [45 Vict. c. 14]; Irish Reproductive Loan Fund Act (1874) Amendment [45 Vict. c. 16]; Local Government Provisional Order (Highways) [45 Vict. c. xxvi]; Commons Regulation Provisional Orders [45 Vict. c. xxvii]; Inclosure (Arkleside) Provisional Order [45 Vict. c. xxviii]; Inclosure (Bettws Disserth) Provisional Order [45 Vict. c. xxix]; Inclosure (Cefn Drawen) Provisional Order [45 Vict. c. xxx]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Order [45 Vict. c. xxxi]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Ballymena, &c.) [45 Vict. c. xxxii]; Local Government Provisional Orders [45 Vict. c. xxxiii]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law) [45 Vict. c. xxxiv].