HL Deb 11 August 1881 vol 264 cc1500-1

called attention to the Convention just concluded with the Transvaal Boers, the 1st Article whereof stated that the new Transvaal State would "embrace the land lying between the following boundaries," and added—"here follow three pages of definitions of Boundaries"—without any clue to what these were. He (Lord Brabourne) reminded their Lordships that in the Instructions which the Secretary of State for the Colonies gave to the Commissioners on 31st March, he entered with some elaboration into the condition of the different districts of the Transvaal with reference to the numbers of the Native population resident in each, and suggested that one or more of these districts should be severed from the Transvaal for the better protection of the Natives, and the greater security of peace for the future. He wished to ask the noble Earl (the Earl of Kimberley), Whether his suggestions had been wholly, or in part, accepted, or whether they had been discarded and set at nought by the Commissioners; in fact, whether the noble Earl could state what the new boundaries would be, and whether any future Papers to be presented in reference to the Transvaal would comprise a map of the new State?


My Lords, in answer to the Question of my noble Friend, I may state that, after full consideration, it was decided not to sever from the Transvaal any part of the territory which had previously been considered to belong to the State. My noble Friend will see that I have not got the full text of the Convention, simply because it was not thought worth while to have three pages of definitions telegraphed; but I can give him the main definitions of the boundary as they were telegraphed before the Convention was signed— External Boundaries of Future Transvaal State.—On the South as at present; on the South-east, the boundaries of Zululand and Swaziland as lately defined under the authority of Her Majesty's Government; on the East, boundaries of Lydenburg and Zoutpansberg at present recognized; on the North by the Limpopo River; on the North-west and West, the boundaries as laid down in 1880 by the Colonial Government; and on the South-west by the boundary of the Keate award, as recommended. It will leave outside the Transvaal the Barolong Chiefs Montsioa and Mosthete, the Korama Chief Massou, and the Batlapi Chiefs Mankaroane, Mathlabani, and the ex-chief Gasibone. Keate Award Territory.—The new boundary line proceeds from Ramathlabama in a southerly direction till it reaches the Hart River below the Salt Pans, thence along that river to Manusa, and then through Koppie Inkel to the boundary of Griqualand West, midway between the Vaal and Hart Rivers. It will leave within the Transvaal all occupied Boers' farms held in title, except portions of two, and exclude about 75 registered but unoccupied farms, the titles of which will be cancelled, the owners receiving such compensation as the Volksraad may assign. When the Government receives the Convention in full, and Papers are presented, I will take care that a map is included.