HL Deb 03 September 1880 vol 256 cc1158-9

My Lords, I beg to give Notice that, to-morrow, it is my intention to move the following Reso-lution:— That, in the opinion of this House, the action of the House of Commons in neglecting to pass the Local Courts of Bankruptcy (Ireland) Bill, brought into this House for the benefit of Ireland by the Lord Chancellor, and sent down to the House of Commons on the 10th of June, and read a first time there on the 15th of June, the motion for the second reading of the same, after more than 25 Notices of it had been deferred, having been only made on the 30th of August for the 31st, and then deferred to the 2nd of September, when the Order for the Second Reading was discharged and the Bill withdrawn, is strongly to be condemned as injurious to the interests of the Irish people, and must tend to strengthen their belief in the hopelessness of looking to the Imperial Parliament for the redress of their grievances so long as the Home Rule Party in that House continue to persevere in their unjustifiable obstruction to the proper course of Public Business.


My Lords, I can only express my extreme regret that the noble Earl should have thought it right to give Notice of a Motion such as that which he has just read.


My Lords, I do not know whether the noble Earl refers to me, or to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland; but I fail to see the slightest similarity between the case he mentions and the Bill which was rejected by your Lordships on Wednesday; It is to me a matter of the most profound astonishment that, with his experience, my noble Friend, who prides himself upon maintaining the dignity of this House, should have thought it consis- tent with the dignity of this House to give Notice of any such Motion as that which he has just put upon the Table.