HL Deb 27 February 1880 vol 250 c1545

asked, Whether there was any objection to lay upon the Table of the House the Report of the Inspector of Mines with regard to the Leycett Colliery accident, and also the Report of the coroner's inquest? This he considered a matter of the gravest importance, as it was well known the colliery in question was a dangerous one, inasmuch as a similar accident had taken place there in September last. He thought it would be satisfactory if the Government favoured them with some information with respect to the September explosion.


, in reply, said, that the coroner's inquest in the second instance was adjourned from January to the 18th of this month, and then further adjourned for the purpose of giving an opportunity to the relatives of the victims to bring forward additional evidence. The Government, therefore, could not at the present time lay the Report of the inquest upon the Table. Mr. Wheelhouse had been instructed to watch the proceeding on the part of the Government, as he did at the inquiry concerning the accident which took place in September last. The Report of the first accident had been sent in to the Home Office, and if the noble Earl would move for it the Government would lay it on the Table of the House.

EARL DE LA WARRmoved for the Report of the September inquiry.

Motionagreed to.

Address for— Report of William St. James Wheelhouse. Esq., Q.C., M.P., on the Leycett Colliery Accident of September 1879.—(The Earl De La Wan:)