HL Deb 18 July 1879 vol 248 cc732-3

Order of the Day for the Third Reading, read.


Having seen the Notice of the noble Earl opposite (the Earl of Camperdown), that he intends, on the third reading of this Bill, to move certain Amendments, I may remind your Lordships that it is contrary to the Standing Orders of the House that Amendments should be moved to a Local Bill on the Report, or on the third reading, unless under conditions which have not been complied with in respect of this Bill. The noble Earl cannot now move his Amendments; but I think it would be unfortunate if they were excluded from consideration. I should, therefore, suggest that the third reading should be postponed till Tuesday next. Questions have arisen with regard to widening streets, and the Company are apprehensive of difficulties that may arise in cases where houses may be pulled down, and where the Corporation might interpose. I think that an arrangement might be come to on these points. Of course, we must be very careful in dealing with anything that has been deliberately passed by both Houses of Parliament. If there is anything that can be done in a case of this kind to allow of an improvement which is considered very desirable being carried out—if a fair arrangement between the parties deeply interested in the improvement can be arrived at, we should make some efforts towards that end. I think, my Lords, an opportunity should be afforded for that purpose. Unless something is done, it would be very difficult to get the improvement made at all; and, therefore, we should be very careful what we do in this matter.


I am perfectly ready to accede to the course proposed by the noble Earl. I should be the last to wish to do anything unfair in the matter. The clause I object to was, in the first instance, rejected by the Committee, and it was ultimately only passed on the statement that if it were struck out the Company would not go on with the Bill. Now, although the Bill is a very important one, and I am anxious to see it become law, yet, at the same time, there are limits beyond which it is not right for us to go in order to secure it. It seems to me that the best course would be for the noble Earl the Chairman of Committees to consider the matter; and lam sure, in a matter of this kind, general assent will be given to any clause or any modification proposed by him.


As far as the Committee are concerned who considered the Bill, they are quite satisfied with the conclusion at which they have arrived, and do not wish any alterations made in it. At the same time, if anything which appears to the House on the recommendation of the Chairman of Committees to be an improvement is proposed, they would raise no objection to its consideration.

Third Reading postponed to Tuesday the 22nd instant.