HL Deb 15 August 1879 vol 249 cc1029-33

was this day prorogued by Commission.

THE LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House that Her Majesty had been pleased to grant two several Commissions, one for declaring Her Royal Assent to several Acts agreed upon by both Houses of Parliament, and the other for proroguing the Parliament:—And the LORDS COMMISSIONERS—namely, The LORD CHANCELLOR; The LORD PRIVY SEAL (The Duke of Northumberland); The LORD STEWARD OF THE HOUSEHOLD (The Earl Beauchamp); The EARL OF HARDWICKE; and The LORD SKELMEESDALE—being in their Robes, and seated on a Form between the Throne and the Woolsack; and the COMMONS being come, with their Speaker, and the Commission to that purpose being read, the ROYAL ASSENT was given to several Bills.


pursuant to Her Majesty's Command, delivered HER MAJESTY'S SPEECH, as follows:—

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"I am happy to be able to relieve you from your laborious duties.

"My relations with other Powers continue to be cordial, and my influence with them will be employed in maintaining the obligations imposed by Treaties, and in promoting and consolidating the general peace.

"The territorial arrangements stipulated in the Treaty of Berlin have been faithfully executed, and the delimitation of the new frontiers is nearly completed. The Balkan Peninsula has been evacuated by the Russian Army in accordance with the Treaty. Under the unanimous sanction of the Signatory Powers, suitable provision has been made for the government of the Ottoman Province of Eastern Roumelia, and I have with great satisfaction given my approval to the election of Prince Alexander of Battenberge as Prince of Bulgaria.

"The calamities inflicted by the late war have hitherto precluded the adoption of those reforms by the Ottoman Government of which it has acknowledged the necessity; but I have urged, and shall continue to urge, the importance of a timely compliance with its engagements in this respect.

"At the suggestion of my Government, in conjunction with that of France, a change has taken place in the Viceroyalty of Egypt, which the past misgovernment of that country had rendered necessary.

"The Treaty concluded with the Ameer of Afghanistan which has been laid before you has happily terminated the war which his predecessor compelled me to undertake. By it my friendly relations with that State are re-established, guarantees for its peace and safety given, and the frontiers of India strengthened.

"The ability displayed in this war by those in command of my troops, British and Native, and the gallantry and endurance of the troops themselves, well deserved the thanks bestowed upon them by both Houses of Parliament. My acknowledgments are especially due to the many Native Princes who made offers of assistance, as well as to those whose forces were actually brought into the field, and I recognise in such zealous co-operation their attachment and good-will to my Indian Empire.

"Since I last addressed you my forces have been engaged in a serious conflict with the most powerful native ruler in South Africa. While I have pleasure in thanking them for vindicating the honour of the British Arms, I must mourn over the sacrifice of many a precious life. I trust that the decisive success which has recently attended their operations will lead to the early establishment of peace on an enduring basis, and that my subjects in that part of the world, being thus relieved from the danger to which they have hitherto been exposed, may readily join in such arrangements as may best secure their safety and prosperity in the future.

"Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

"I thank you for the liberal supplies which you have voted for the public service.

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"By the Army Discipline Act you have for the first time placed upon the Statute Book in a complete Code the Laws relating to service in my Army and my other Military Forces. You have arranged in a clear and comprehensive form the provisions for the due maintenance of discipline; you have improved the system under which Enlistment takes place; and you have amended the Regulations under which the Reserves can be recalled to the colours.

"The Acts providing for the appointment of a Public Prosecutor and Amending the Law relating to the Summary Jurisdiction of Magistrates will, I trust, greatly improve the administration of the Criminal Law.

"The alterations which you have made in the law relating to Banking and Joint Stock Companies are well calculated to conduce to the prosperity of this important portion of our mercantile and commercial system.

"The depressed condition of the Agricultural Interest has naturally engaged your attention, and I have had much pleasure in complying with the Address of the House of Commons requesting me to appoint a Commission to inquire into the causes to which the depression is owing, and how far they can be remedied by legislation.

"I observe with satisfaction that you have been able to consider the important subject of Education in Ireland, and that you have agreed to measures which will form a fitting supplement to the enactment of last Session as to Intermediate Education. The primary education of the country cannot but be stimulated by the careful provision you have made for improving the position of the teachers, and the Bill you have passed for University Education will, 1 trust, supply what is needed for the advancement of learning in its higher branches.

"In bidding you farewell, I pray that the blessing of Providence may rest on the labours with which you have been occupied during the Session."

Then a Commission for proroguing the Parliament was read.

After which,



My Lords, and Gentlemen,

By virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, under the Great Seal, to us and other Lords directed, and now read, we do, in Her Majesty's Name, and in obedience to Her Commands, prorogue this Parliament to Saturday the first day of November next, to be then here holden; and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Saturday the first day of November next.

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