HL Deb 18 January 1878 vol 237 c154

called the attention of the Lord President of the Council to the fact that though two sets of Papers on the Eastern Question were presented to the House of Commons last night and were distributed to the Members of that House this morning, and had been published in the newspapers of that morning, neither of those Papers had been delivered to their Lordships, and only the first had reached the House at all. On inquiry at the proper office he found that the second of these Papers would not be delivered till Monday. He did not in the least complain of the early distribution of these Papers to the newspapers, for he thought it was a great convenience and advantage to the public to have this intelligence early and quickly disseminated. But he thought it was desirable that the distribution of Public Documents of this nature should be delivered simultaneously to the two Houses of the Legislature.


said, he concurred in the last observation of his noble Friend. In the absence of his noble Friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, he presented Papers on the Eastern Question last night, and he had been under the impression that they included the two sets, and that both were ready for distribution. He would make inquiry as to the second set, and also on the subject of an earlier distribution of Papers presented to their Lordships' House.