HL Deb 28 June 1875 vol 225 cc646-7

asked the Under Secretary of State for War, (1.) Whether it is proposed in the case of officers of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers to revert to the practice of the Militia service in accordance with Her Majesty's Regulations by which adjutants of the Militia service are required to wear the uniform of their respective corps; (2.) whether any instructions have been issued or whether it is proposed to issue any instructions to officers inspecting Militia brigades or regiments to report upon—1. The recruiting of the regiments inspected as to numbers; 2, the quality of recruits obtained; 3, the physical and military efficiency of the Militia soldiers enrolled in the Militia Re-serve. (3.) whether it is proposed to attach brigades or regiments of Militia to the forces to be employed in the Autumn Manœuvres of this year?


in answer to the noble Lord's Questions, said, it was not proposed to alter the regulations as to the uniform to be worn by Adjutants of Militia regiments. He understood the noble Lord to object that the present distinction was hurtful to the feelings of Militia officers; but, on the other hand, it was considered to be of the utmost importance, with a view to the efficiency of Militia regiments, that candidates for those appointments from the Artillery and Engineers should be as numerous as possible. The inducements at present held out being very small, the applications were in consequence very few; and it was believed if those regulations were cancelled there would be still less inducement to officers of the Artillery and Engineers to apply for those appointments. It that were so, the interests of the Militia would be still more injuriously affected than they could possibly be by the distinction in dress. As to the second Question—whether Inspecting Officers had been instructed to report as to the number and quality of recruits of Militia Regiments—Inspecting Officers had been instructed to ask commanding officers of Militia Regiments how many recruits had been enrolled and approved between the termination of the last drilling and the commencement of the preliminary drill, and how many during the preliminary drill. They had also been directed to inquire as to the age, height, and general quality of recruits, and, further, as to how many men had volunteered to join the Militia reserve, and how many men had been approved. With regard to the physical and military efficiency of these Reserves the Inspecting Officers had reported on their general instructions; but there would be no objection to issuing an Instruction in future, with the view of obtaining the information which the noble Lord desired. It was not proposed to attach brigade or regiments of Militia to the forces to be employed in the Autumn Manœuvres this year.


expressed his regret at the reply of the noble Earl, and intimated his attention of bringing the matter under the notice of the House on some future occasion.

House adjourned at half past Seven o'clock, till To-morrow, half past Ten o'clock.