HL Deb 16 July 1875 vol 225 cc1573-4

asked Her Majesty's Government, When the projected Mission from Pekin to inquire into the circumstances attending the murder of Mr. Margary will take place; and of what persons it is intended to compose it? He hoped no delay would take place, seeing the necessity that existed for opening-up a new and shorter route for trade between India and the West of China. It would be also satisfactory to have an explanation of the transaction in which Mr. Margary fell a victim?


, in reply, said, that two gentlemen had been appointed to attend the inquiry which would take place in reference to the murder of Mr. Margary. One was Mr. Grosvenor, the second Secretary of Legation in the Diplomatic Service in China, and the other was Mr. Maynard, Assistant Secretary in the Chinese Consular Service. The selection of those gentlemen had been made by Mr. Wade, and it had been approved of by Her Majesty's Government. It was intended that those gentlemen should set out on their journey to the place of inquiry at the end of next month, as the Government were quite aware of the inexpediency of not allowing any unnecessary delay to take place; but there were some difficulties to overcome in regard to the long land journey through Southern China, and it would be necessary to wait until the great boats incident to the climate were over. The very object of the inquiry which those gentlemen would attend was to ascertain accurately all the facts and circumstances of the case, and, therefore it was out of his power to discuss those circumstances now.

House adjourned at a quarter past Eight o'clock, to Monday next, a quarter before Four o'clock.