HL Deb 01 August 1873 vol 217 cc1418-9

House in Committee (according to Order).

Clauses 1 to 14, inclusive, agreed to.

Clause 15 (Continuance of powers of making schemes).


(on. behalf of the Marquess of SALISBURY) moved to strike out the clause and insert the following in lieu thereof:— The power of making and suppressing a scheme under the principal Act as amended by this Act shall continue as respects unopposed schemes until thirty-first December one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, and as respects schemes against which a petition shall have been presented to the Committee of Council on Education, as in this Act provided, until the fifteenth August one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, and no longer.


while disliking the limitation, would not press his objection to a division.

Amendment agreed to.

Then, on the Motion of the Marquess of RIPON the following new Clauses inserted:—

After Clause 8, insert— (Scheme as to endowments in which schools under 31 & 32 Vict. c. 118. are interested.)

"Where two or more schools are jointly interested in an educational endowment, and one of such schools is a school mentioned in section three of "The Public Schools Act, 1868," the Commissioners shall not, without the consent of the special Commissioners for the time being under "The Public Schools Act, 1868," deal by any scheme with the interest of such last-mentioned school in the endowment, but, with the consent of those Commissioners to the dealing with such interest, may, by a scheme under the principal Act, deal with such interest as well as with all other interests in such endowment."

Clause 12, page 5, line 30, leave out ("of appeal")

After Clause 16 insert the following clause:— (Application of Act to schemes laid before Parliament during present session.) Where a scheme has been laid before Parliament during the present session, but has not at the expiration of such session lain for forty days before Parliament, and no address has been presented by either House of Parliament praying Her Majesty to withhold her consent from such scheme or any part thereof, the Committee of Council on Education may, if they think fit, cause to be published and circulated, in such manner as they think sufficient for giving information to all persons interested, a notice stating that unless within two months after the first publication of the notice such petition as is in this section mentioned is presented to the Committee of Council on Education such scheme may be forthwith approved by Her Majesty. During the said two months a petition praying that the scheme may lie before Parliament during two months as directed by this Act may be presented to the Committee of Council on Education by any governing body, council, or ratepayers, who would if such scheme were approved by such Committee after the commencement of this Act, be authorised by this Act to present a petition praying that such scheme may be laid before Parliament. If no such petition is presented within the said two months it shall be lawful for Her Majesty by Order in Council to declare her approbation of such scheme in like manner as if it had lain for forty days before Parliament in accordance with the principal Act. Any scheme to which this section applies and which is not approved by Her Majesty under this section shall continue to lie before Parliament, and the provisions of this Act shall apply in like manner as if such scheme had been laid before Parliament in pursuance of this Act.

Amendments made: The Report thereof to be received To-morrow, and Standing Orders Nos. 37 and 38 to be considered in order to their being dispensed with.