HL Deb 18 July 1872 vol 212 cc1351-2

Bill read 3a (according to Order), with the Amendments.

THE DUKE OF RICHMOND moved, at end of Clause 64 (Removal of principal teachers) to insert— ("And within ten days after receiving the copy of such report the teacher may apply to the Board of Education to allow him to be heard before the said Board in defence, and the Board may thereafter allow such further inquiry as they may think right: Provided also, that in the case of teachers of parish schools appointed previously to the passing of this Act the school board may grant to any such teacher so removed a retiring allowance payable during the remainder of his life; and that where such removal shall be occasioned by the infirmity or old age of the teacher, and not by any fault on his part, the school board shall grant a retiring allowance, the amount whereof shall not be less than two third parts of the amount of the salary pertaining to his office at the date of such removal, and shall not exceed the gross amount of such salary, which retiring allowance shall be payable in all respects in like manner as the salary of the teacher: Provided likewise, that it shall be lawful for the school board, if they see fit, to provide for any such teacher, in addition to such allowance and in like manner, a further yearly sum equal in amount to the annual value of any dwelling house and garden to which he was entitled as such teacher, as the same shall be valued by the assessor for the county.")

After a few words from the Duke of BUCCLEUCH,


said, he wished it to be understood that the effect of this Amendment would be simply to keep alive the present provision of the law on the subject referred to by the noble Duke (the Duke of Richmond).

Amendment agreed to.

Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.