HL Deb 18 March 1870 vol 200 cc199-200

said, he hoped there would be no objection to grant the Returns which he had asked for, in the form in which he had now placed his Motion upon the Paper.

Moved, That there be laid before this House:

  1. 1. Statement showing the average result of the assays of bars for coining Gold Moneys on each day's melting and on each total coinage from 1851 200 to 1869 inclusive; also showing the assays of ingots produced by melting light or worn coin culled from circulation when such coin has been melted for re-coinage:[Tabular form.]
  2. 2. Statement showing the various sums paid by cheque by the Master of the Mint to the Bank of England in consideration of loss or waste by coining Silver; also exhibiting any gain or increase, and its amount:[Tabular form.]—(The Lord Rossie.]


said, he had inquired into the accuracy of the statement which he made on a former occasion—that the Returns asked for were too voluminous to be obtained with any corresponding advantage; and he still remained of the same opinion. The information, however, which the noble Lord had asked for as to the assays of bars could be obtained at the Mint in case he desired to apply for it. No Return was kept specially as to light or worn coin when this was melted for re-coinage. Ingots were received as ingots and not of any special composition. With reference to the other Returns moved for, he had to state that no sum was paid to the Bank of England in consideration of loss or waste by coining silver. There was no account between the Mint and the Bank on the subject.

On Question? Resolved in the Negative.

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