HL Deb 09 August 1869 vol 198 c1483

asked, Whether the Government had come to any determination with regard to restoring the statue of Canning to its original place?


said, the Government had come to no positive determination, and he regretted that no member of the Canning family was present to state his wishes in the matter. For his own part, he had been brought up with the greatest admiration for Mr. Canning, both as a statesman and a man. He was a personal friend of his (Earl Granville's) father, and for his son, as the House was aware, he entertained the greatest regard. His own opinion was, though he should be sorry to act upon it contrary to the wishes of any member of the Canning family— that the present site was not a disadvantageous one for a public testimonial of the admiration felt for Mr. Canning's memory, and he saw in it some advantages which the former site did not possess.

House adjourned at Seven o'clock, 'till To-morrow, three o'clock.