HL Deb 27 April 1868 vol 191 c1303

My Lords, I beg to give notion that to-morrow, I shall put a Question to the noble Earl opposite (Earl Russell), with regard to the Resolutions on the subject, of the disestablishment of the Church in Ireland, of which notice has been given in the other House of Parliament. I need scarcely say that, in asking that Question, I do not intend; myself to enter in any degree, or to invite; any of your Lordships to enter, into any; discussion of the merits of those Resolutions. My Question will only be as to the course of proceeding which is intended to be taken by these who are the chief promoters of the Resolutions. At the same time, I shall ask the noble Earl for some explanation of a passage in a speech which he delivered a short time ago at a public meeting with regard to a transaction which occurred many years ago, with respect to which, I think, he is under a misapprehension, and that on a point which is of considerable and constitutional importance. I do not propose to ask your Lordships to express an opinion upon either of these subjects. I merely wish to put to the noble Earl these Questions, of which I have already given him private notice.