HL Deb 31 July 1866 vol 184 cc1703-4

Order of the Day for the House to be put into Committee read.


objected that the Bill which had been introduced into the House of Commons as the Commons (Metropolis) Bill, and referred to a Select Committee, had been altered both in name and scope, so that, instead of affecting only commons within fifteen miles of the metropolis, it now applied to all commons within two miles of any town containing 10,000 inhabitants, and would therefore affect the rights of landowners in nearly every part of the kingdom. This alteration had been made practically without any notice at all, and he was sure that many who would be affected by it were not aware of the alterations which had been made. Under these circumstances, it was a question whether they should proceed further with the Bill.


explained that the object of the Bill was to authorize the preservation of suburban commons within the metropolitan police district, and also within two miles of any town containing 10,000 inhabitants, or within certain greater distances of towns containing larger populations. In the case of any common which it was desired to preserve for public recreation a scheme was to be drawn up by the local authority and presented to the Inclosure Commissioners, who were to inquire into the statements of the memorial; the scheme was then to be printed and circulated; and when finally settled was to be certified by the Commissioners under their seal. The expenses of the local authority were to be defrayed by a local rate. There were clauses at the end protecting the rights of the Crown and of the lords of manors,


said, that the statement seemed to involve an objection to the Bill more forcible than any which had been stated—namely, that it would interfere with the rights of property.


said, the Bill had been brought in by the late Government, and had been referred by them to a Select Committee, in which the title of the Bill was changed, and its operation extended. Care had been taken, however, to protect manorial rights.

House in Committee; Amendments made; the Report thereof to be received on Thursday next; and Bill to be printed, as amended. (No. 250.)