HL Deb 26 July 1866 vol 184 cc1490-1

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Land Drainage Supplemental (No. 2) * (224); Overseer of the Poor (Small Parishes)*(225); Parochial Buildings (Scotland) Act Amendment * (226); Colonial Branch Mints * (227); Tramways (Ireland) Act Amendment * (228); Inland Revenue* (229); Court of Session (Scotland)* (230).

Second Reading — British Columbia * (213); Rochdale Vicarage (204); Land Tax Commissioners' Names * (179); Militia Pay*; Drainage and Improvement of Lands Act (Ireland) Provisional Order * (217); Public Works, Harbours, &c.* (219); Public Works Loans (Ireland)* (220); Paupers (Scotland) * (223); Oyster and Mussel Fisheries (212); Foreign Jurisdiction Act Amendment (165).

Committee—Oyster Bed Licences (Ireland)* (205); Consecration of Churchyards (No. 2) (193).

Report—Consecration of Churchyards (No. 2) (231); Ecclesiastical Commission (232).

Third Reading—Standards of Weights, Measures, and Coinage* (150); National Gallery Enlargement * (171).

Richard Baron Cremorne in that Part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called Ireland, having been created Earl of Dartrey of Dartrey in the County of Monaghan—Was in the usual manner introduced.

The Right Honourable Sir Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer Lytton, Baronet, having been created Baron Lytton of Knebworth in the County of Hertford—Was in the usual Manner introduced.

Sir William George Hylton Jolliffe, Baronet, having been created Baron Hylton of Hylton in the County Palatine of Durham and of Petersfield in the County of Southampton—Was in the usual Manner introduced.