HL Deb 17 February 1866 vol 181 cc666-7

Brought from the Commons; read 1a; and Standing Orders Nos. 37 and 38 to be considered in order to their being dispensed with; and the LORDS SUMMONED: (The LORD PRESIDENT). (No. 14.)

MESSAGE FROM THE COMMONS—To acquaint this House, That they will continue sitting for some Time as desired by this House.

About twenty-five minutes before One of the clock, The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted their Lordships that Her Majesty had issued a Commission to himself and other Lords, commanding them to give her Royal Assent to a Bill which had that day been agreed upon by both Houses, suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus in Ireland.


commanded the Usher of the Black Rod to signify to the Commons that their attendance is desired in the House of Peers to hear the Commission read.

And the COMMONS being come with their SPEAKER, and the Commission being read; the Clerk of the Crown read the title of the following Bill—namely, HABEAS CORPUS SUSPENSION (IRELAND) BILL:—

And the Clerk of the Parliament signified Her Majesty's Assent to the said Bill.

House adjourned at a quarter before One o'clock A.M., till Monday next, Eleven o'clock.