HL Deb 03 August 1866 vol 184 c1984

said, he desired to ask a Question respecting those unhappy persons who were detained in captivity by the Emperor of Abyssinia. He had heard that a change had taken place in the disposition of the Abyssinian Monarch since the receipt of Mr. Rassam's despatch, and he begged to ask how the matter now stood, and whether there were any hopes of the liberation of Mr. Cameron and his fellow-captives?


In answer to the Question of my noble Friend, I am glad to be able to state that there is every hope of obtaining the release of those unfortunate men, but not so speedily as was at first expected. The fact is, Mr. Rassam has obtained their liberation from captivity, but the King has insisted on their attending him in his war with his rebellious chiefs, and they are now in the camp of the King. He has, however, sent one of their number, Mr. Flad, over to this country with a letter to the Queen, in which he has made requests for different articles. Her Majesty's Government are now doing their best to obtain the things required by King Theodore, and although Mr. Flad cannot return on account of the rainy season until September, we hope when he does that His Majesty, having obtained what he requires, will then release the prisoners, who are said to be detained without any further restriction than is implied in keeping them in the country, and they are well treated.

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