HL Deb 22 May 1865 vol 179 cc628-9

On Order of the Day for the House to be put into a Committee,


suggested that the further consideration of the Bill be postponed until a copy of the Report upon the Essex Reclamation Bill was received by their Lordships, with the view of having both Bills referred to one Select Committee.


said, that as he was anxious to proceed with the Bill without unnecessary delay, he could not agree to postpone the Bill for the purpose of referring it to a Select Committee together with the Essex Reclamation Bill. The noble Lord went through the Bill, referring to the provisions of the different Acts of Parliament referred to, so far as they were incorporated in the Bill before the House.


was of opinion that the Bill required a great deal of consideration, and recommended that it should be referred to a Select Committee.


said, it had been represented to him that the Bill would act injuriously in certain cases, and he therefore joined in the recommendation that the Bill should be referred to a Select Committee.


said, he was well aware how carefully their Select Committees considered any Bill committed to them, and his only desire was that the Bill should be made to work well. He was quite prepared to hear objections raised to the provisions of this measure, when the question was one as to the removal of nuisances and pollutions, because evils of that kind had acquired in many localities a sort of prescription. But it was only necessary to look these difficulties in the face. The success which had attended the Government inspection of alkaline works throughout the country, and the Report upon the subject which had been laid upon the table of their Lordships' House, showed how much could be done. He wished to offer his tribute of congratulation to his noble Friend near him (the Earl of Derby) for the courage he had shown in bringing forward a measure which had been successful in its results, but which in the beginning was sure to meet with opposition, and might have exposed his noble Friend to misrepresentations which might have been damaging to his character as a statesman. The success of his noble Friend was a great encouragement to him to persevere in a similar attempt as regarded the pollution of the water. He was willing to agree to the proposal to refer the Bill to a Select Committee.

Order of the Day for the House to be put into a Select Committee, read, and discharged; and Bill referred to a Select Committee.

And, on Friday, May 26, the Lords following were named of the Committee:—

E. Derby. L. Boyle.
E. Romney. L. Redesdale.
V. Strathallan. L. Silchester.
V. Torrington. L. Ravensworth.
V. Eversley. L. Portman.
L. Polwarth. L. Ebury.

And, on Monday, May 29th, the Earl of Essex added.