HL Deb 26 June 1863 vol 171 c1496

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Sir Robert Hicham's Charity* (No. 165); Ruthin Charities*(No. 166); Walmer Vesting* (No. 167); Postmaster General (Sale of Land)* (No. 168); Bort Erin Harbour (Isle of Man)* (No. 169).

Second Reading—Inclosure (No. 2)* (No. 161).

Committee—Regimental Debts, &c.*(No. 141); Innkeepers' Liability* (No. 142).

Report—Innkeepers' Liability*; Leases and Sales of Settled Estates Act Amendment (No. 158).

Third Reading—African Slave Trade Treaty* (No. 129); Security from Violence* (No. 157); Inland Revenue* (No. 128); Militia Pay*; and severally passed.