HL Deb 16 July 1863 vol 172 c849

Sat First in Parliament.—The Lord Seymour (commonly called Earl Saint Maur), being called up to the House of Lords in his Father's Barony of Seymour.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—India Stock* (No. 223).

Second Reading—Alterations in Judges' Circuits [H.L.] (No. 212); Fisheries (Ireland) (No. 211); Greenwich Hospital (Provision for Widows) (No. 207); Metropolitan Main Drainage Extension (No. 208); Misappropriation by Servants* (No. 204).

Select CommitteeReport—Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation* (No. 220).

Committee—Savings Banks Acts Amendment* (No. 183 & 221); Stipendiary Magistrates* (No. 196 & 222); Growing Crops Seizure (Ireland)* (No. 209); Land Drainage (Provisional Orders)* (No. 160); Port Erin Harbour (Isle of Man)* (No. 169); Colonial Acts Confirmation [H.L.]* (No. 213).

Report—Removal of Irish Poor* (No. 218); Growing Crops Seizure (Ireland)*; Land Drainage (Provisional Orders)*; Marriages Registration (Ireland)* (No. 219).

Third ReadingMetropolis Turnpike Roads Act Amendment* (No. 145), and passed.