HL Deb 24 July 1862 vol 168 cc733-4

House in Committee (according to Order).

Clauses 1 to 4 agreed to.

Clause 5 (Sums to be assessed by Metropolitan Board).


complained of the undue charges which had been imposed on certain parishes. Chiswick, for instance, had been charged to the amount of £5,300, although scarcely £400 worth of works had been executed in that parish. The promoters of this Bill acknowledged the hardship of the case of the aggrieved parishes, and proposed to pass another Bill pari passu, and distinguished as "No. 2 Bill," with it, to effect a remedy. The complainants were induced to remain quiet; but at a certain stage the remedial Bill was withdrawn, in deference, it was said, to the temper of the House of Commons. He imagined that the phrase meant that metropolitan Members, and Members interested in this Bill, remained until a late hour, and were enabled by a little clamour to overbear any opposition to the course which they deemed fit to pursue. Under the circumstances his suspicions were aroused, and he was not induced to view with favour the single Bill now before their Lordships. The great grievance complained of by the taxpayers was not only that they were taxed heavily, but that they were taxed without their consent, and without receiving any benefit. In the Select Committee he proposed a clause to protect these parishes, and it was lost by the casting vote of the Chairman, simply, he believed, because the convenience of passing the Bill was thought to outweigh the admitted hardship of the case of these parishes. He should now renew the attempt to remedy the grievance by moving the addition of words at the end of this clause, to this effect— Except such precepts as may be issued to the parishes and parts of the Fulham and Hammersmith district, which precepts shall be amended and part and parish charged according to the actual benefit derived from works constructed therein.


admitted the hardship of the case of these parishes, but advised that the proviso should not be inserted lest a greater hardship should be inflicted upon other parties.


also objected to the Amendment.

Amendment negatived.

Clauses to 109 agreed to.

Clause 110 struck out.

Remaining Clauses agreed to.

Further Amendments made: The Report thereof to be received To-morrow. [No. 227.]