HL Deb 03 July 1862 vol 167 c1326

, in moving the second Reading of this Bill, said, that he had received numerous letters from a great many places in different parts of the kingdom, expressing approval of it, and declaring the evils it was intended to remedy as unbearable. The Bill was very different from the one which he had withdrawn. It was much shorter and more simple. The preamble stated that "whereas night-poaching and murderous assaults upon police constables, gamekeepers, and servants legally appointed had lately increased, and it was expedient that the laws now in force should be amended for the better prevention of such crimes;" and the first clause, following the provisions of the Metropolitan Police Act, provided that between sunset and eight o'clock in the morning any constable of the county police might, without warrant, search and take into custody any person upon any highway, street, or public place, whom he had good cause to suspect of having unlawfully any game, eggs of game, hares, or rabbits, or any nets or engines to take the same, in their possession; and might stop, search, and detain any boat, cart, or conveyance in which there should be reasonable cause to suspect that any such game, or engines for the capture of game was being carried, and to apprehend all such persons and bring them before a justice of the peace. The other clauses provided, that if such person or persons could not satisfactorily account for the possession of such game, or engines, the magistrate might inflict a penalty of £5. The Bill also provided that game-dealers should keep a register of the game they bought.


said, that without committing himself to an approval of the Bill, he had objection to the second reading, on the understanding that it should be referred to a Select Committee, who would carefully consider its provisions.

After a few words from Lord POLWARTH, the Earl of STRADBROKE, and Lord RAVENSWORTH,

Bill read 2a, and referred to a Select Committee: The Lords following were named of the Committee:—

D. Cleveland. L. Lilford.
E. Derby. L. Portman.
E. Romney. L. Overstone.
E. Grey. L. Cranworth.
E. Stradbroke. L. Chelmsford.
V. Eversley. L. Lyveden.
L. Berners. L. Taunton.