HL Deb 10 June 1861 vol 163 c825

asked the noble Earl (Earl De Grey and Ripon), If there was any objection to lay upon the Table the Correspondence that has taken place between the Indian Government and the prize agents on the subject of interest due on the Delhi Prize Money? He understood there had been some misapprehension as to the speech of the Secretary of State for India in the other House, who was reported to have said that interest would not be allowed on the prize money.


said, there was no correspondence to be laid before the House on the subject; but it appeared there was some misconception either as to the Question put to his right hon. Friend the Secretary for India, in the other House, or as to the answer given by him. He was represented to have said that interest would not be paid on the prize money in the Indian Treasury. The fact was that interest at the rate of 5 per cent would be paid on all the money taken, but of course interest would not be paid on the value of the jewels.