HL Deb 11 February 1861 vol 161 cc268-9

said, it would be remembered that last Session a Select Committee of their Lordships' House was appointed to inquire whether, having regard to the rights of property of the Crown and individuals, it was expedient that any legislation should take place for the regulation of salmon fishing on the sea-coasts and rivers and estuaries in Scotland. That Committee sat for sixteen days, and, after hearing evidence, expressed the opinion, "That, with a view to the improvement of the Salmon Fisheries in Scotland, all cruives and fixed engines of whatever kind, both in the rivers and in the seas, should be abolished, and, at all events, no new fixed engines of any description should be permitted to be erected;" but, fearing that it would not be practicable to carry out so comprehensive a mea-sure, they unanimously agreed upon a more moderate Report, and concluded by recommending "that a Bill should be introduced by Her Majesty's Government in the next Session of Parliament in conformity with their Report." He wished to ask whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government to introduce a Bill into Parliament this Session founded upon the Report of the Select Committee of the House of Lords upon Salmon Fisheries in Scotland? The Commissioners appointed to inquire into the English salmon fisheries had, he believed, made their Report, and, if so, he would also ask the noble Duke whether that Report would be laid before the House.


said, that it was the intention of the Government to introduce a Bill on the subject of Salmon Fishing in Scotland, and the Bill would mainly be founded on the Report of the Committee. The clauses of the measure were now under consideration. He could not say that they would entirely carry out the views of the Committee, but the leading provisions were founded on the Report. When the Bill would be introduced he could not exactly state, but at all events it would be brought forward in time to allow of its discussion in both Houses of Parliament. With regard to the second Question asked by the noble Lord, he was unable at this moment to answer it, but would do so on a future day.