HL Deb 01 August 1861 vol 164 cc1816-7

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Gardens in Towns Protection; Consolidated Fund (Appropriation); East India Loan (No. 2); Militia Pay; Militia Ballots Suspension; Wills and Domicile of British subjects Abroad, &c.; Corrupt Practices Prevention Act (1854) Continuance; Landed Estates (Ireland) Act (1858) Amendment; Metropolitan Police District Receiver; Parochial Offices; Local Government Supplemental (No. 2); Volunteers Tolls Exemption (No.2.); Treasury Chest Fund.

2a Metropolis Gas Act Amendment; Lace Factories; Gunpowder, &c. Act Amendment; Episcopal and Capitular Estates Act Continuance, &c.

3a Industrial Schools (Scotland); Industrial Schools; Enlistment in India; Indemnity.

Royal Assent—Piers and Harbours; Turnpike Trusts Arrangements; Harbours; Passengers (Australian Colonies); Metropolitan Police Force Pensions; Railway Companies Mortgage Transfer (Scotland); Drunkenness (Ireland);

Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment (Ireland) Act Proceedings; Vaccination; Voters (Ireland); University Elections; Dublin Revising Barristers; Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) Act Continuance; County Cess (Ireland) Act Continuance; Local Government Act Amendment; Locomotives; Tramways (Scotland); East India (Civil Service); Irremoveable Poor; Crown Suits Limitation; East India Council, &c.; County Surveyors, &c. (Ireland); Public Works (Ireland) (Advances and Repayments of Monies); Attornies and Solicitors (Ireland); White Herring Fishery (Scotland); Turnpike Acts Continuance; Ordnance Survey Continuance; Criminal Proceedings Oath Relief.